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The following glossary of Inuinnaqtun terms was compiled from information given by the Elders of Cambridge Bay and Kugluktuk during two bow building workshops. View on this page, or download a PDF version here.




Ihualik - Three-piece recurve bow with two horns or siya connected to the grip portion by splices joined by old blood, sinew, and antler splints.  The bow was backed with braided sinew and this backing was called kujaaq.


Ihuinngaqtaq - One-piece D bow 


Ihuanga - Horn or siya of the three-piece recurve bow called Ihualik.


Kujaaq - braided sinew backing.


Qiqtaq - Splint. 


Ipiringniq or Ipiqqiq - Splice.


Nuqaqti - bow string


Ajagvik - grip or handle


Qilujuq - drawing the bow string


Ulurianaitqut or Qarhuitqut - Finger protectors put on the two fingers on either side of the nock of the arrow.  These are pieces of wet mumiq (peeled from caribou skin) that is wrapped around the fingertips.  Inuinnait used a split finger draw using three fingers.


Tajarmiaq - Wrist guard.  A piece of caribou skin tied to the wrist/forearm with sinew or leather thongs to protect against the slap of the nuqaqti (bow string).  The tajarmiaq could also be made from the parts of the sealskin where it has been pegged out to dry.  This atungaq or weathered skin that has turned white is made in upinngaksaq (March, April, May) and is quite stiff.


Hukatirut, qiputaq or qipput - sinew backing twister


Nuqaqhirvik - nob portion of string knock.


Kujaaqarvik - notches or grooves where backing is wrapped around nocks


Kupluruq - shoulder of nock


Qingaktutaq - Caribou antler shovel.  Used to make arrow straighteners.


Pitikhitaq - bow case


Qarjuut - quiver


Tiguqpik - Handle for bow case and quiver.


Haviqarvik - Knife sheath integrated into the bow case.


Nangmautaq - Shoulder strap for carrying bow case.


Pitikhaqtuq - To shoot a bow.





Qarjuk - Arrow


Itirjuk - Nock


Huluk - Feather, fletching


Huluqutait - Grooves on the shaft for feathers.


Natquq - Entire foreshaft made of antler or bone and arrow head.


Kukik - An arrowhead fastened to the foreshaft.  Could be made of copper, other metal or even bone.


Nuijaaq - Bird hunting blunt arrow tip.  Tip is made of antler.


Natqulik - An all antler or bone foreshaft and point combined.


Ikhulik - When the entire foreshaft and tip is made of metal.





Itkiq - The red wood found in selected spruce trees.  It is usually found in trees that have grown in a curve (piringajuq) such as those found on slopes or river banks.  


Piringajuq - Something that is curved.


Akiraq - A knot in a piece of wood.


Pukirnaq - A piece of spruce with red ikiq and white parts is called pukirnaq.


Palliq - Drift wood. (Not sure about this one)


Qannujaq - Copper.


Aupak - Aged blood that was eaten and used as a glue in splices and joints.





Nalruqhuut or piqtirut - bow wrench.  A tool for putting bends in the bow, usually after soaking the bow in hot water.


Pitikhiraq or ikuutaq - bow drill


Uqummiaq - mouth piece for bow drill


Haviruut - crooked knife


Qiuqhit - burin or groover [or Qinguhaaq - splitting instrument or burin CHECK]


Ingniq - flint


Ingnaut - end scraper


Qingaqtutaq - caribou shovel.  This was used to make bow wrenches (nalruqhuut).


Qugjaqtuut - wedge


Ulimaut - axe





Taluq - hunting blind made of stone and turf.


Taluaqturvik - A caribou drive.  A place where caribou are driven so that they pass by blinds (talut) where archers are hiding.


Pitiktarvik - A site where there are a number of talut (hunting blinds).


Unguuqtuq - When someone (usually a woman) drives caribou towards the taluq.  Driving the caribou towards the archers.


Taluliaqtut - This is said about the caribou who are being driven towards the blinds.


Unguuqtuq - Driving caribou towards a hunter.


Qaivaqhaut - Imitating an animal call to lure an animal.


Auqaatuq - Imitating the sound of a caribou calf


Tuktunguujaqtuq - When a person is imitating a caribou for the purpose of getting close enough for a shot.


Tirligaaqtuq - Stalking an animal.


Maliruaqtittuq - leading the caribou by acting like a caribou.  This is done by tuktunnguujaqtuq and also by calling or qaivaqhaijuq (qaivaqhaut).

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