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December 9, 2022

Nunatsiaq News

Two Nunavut projects shortlisted for $1M prize

PI/KHS cultural campus or an Inuit-led suicide prevention project could get a $1-million boost through the annual Arctic Inspiration Prize.


November 8, 2022

The Mirage

Kitikmeot Heritage Society and Canada partner to launch Nunamiutuqaq

Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society, the Government of Canada and the Federation of Canadian Municipalities announced the launch of the Nunamiutuqaq – Building from the Land


September 8, 2022

Nunatsiaq News

Digital archive showcases decades of artwork by women of Taloyoak

Arnaqarvik was a grassroots arts collective established 50 years ago


August 26, 2022

CBC News

Search continues for handmade Inuit crafts lost in transit

One of four crates disappeared on its way back to Judy McGrath

2022-05-17 - Kuugalak.jpeg

May 17, 2022

CBC News

New cultural centre is on its way to Cambridge Bay

Building will help keep Inuinnaqtun language and culture

Kuugalak_General_Bird Eye View.jpg

April 22, 2022

PI/KHS Press Release

Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society’s construction of a “green” cultural workspace to change the game for sustainable infrastructure in the Arctic

Unveiling: Kuugalak, designed and developed with the latest green energy technologies and rooted in our culture

Emily and Elders.jpg

January 18, 2022

The National Post

Making a deeper difference

Bell Let’s Talk $5 million Diversity Fund supports multi-year Black, Indigenous and People of Colour-led projects

Trisha and ipad.jpg

November 27, 2021

El Pais

Internet: the last trench to preserve the cultural heritage of a small Inuit community

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society started a project 15 years ago to preserve the names of places, objects or songs of the Inuinnait on digital platforms. The next step is to return them to the real world.

Emily drum dancing at PI_KHS 25th Anniversary Celebrations..jpg

August 31, 2021

PI/KHS Press Release

PI/KHS Board of Directors Names Inuinnaqtun Leader Emily Angulalik New Executive Director!

"The Executive Director has a vital role in our organization and to the people it serves, working to nurture our language and culture. Working with Emily, we will continue to follow our vision to carry out programming for our future generations"

2021-06-30 - DP-nunavut-net-zero-1-USE-mainweb.jpg

June 30, 2021

Journal of Commerce

Nunavut community building a green pilot project in Canada's Far North

The idea is to develop not just one sustainable project in the community but rather to establish a new way of looking at the design and construction of buildings in the Far North where often southern Canada’s building standard is the norm.

Emily Angulalik.png

May 29, 2021

Nunatsiaq News

Western Nunavut's Emily Angulalik up for an Inspire Award

Emily Angulalik, president of the Kitikmeot Heritage Society in Cambridge Bay, is one of 12 Indigenous Canadians nominated this year for an Indspire award in the culture, heritage and spirituality category. 

Air photo of the Iqaluktuuq region, betw

May 18, 2021

PI/KHS Media Release

PI/KHS teaming up with Southern Alberta Institute of Technology to design and construct a pilot green building in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut

We are excited to share that we are undertaking a pilot project to bring new green energy technologies and materials to the Arctic, integrating them with local knowledge and priorities. 

2021-04-02 Inuit work to revitalize enda

April 2, 2021

The Globe and Mail

Inuit work to revitalize endangered dialect

It’s the heritage society’s 25th anniversary this year and keeping Inuinnaqtun not only alive, but getting it off the endangered list is the priority for the next 25 years.

Jimmy Haniliak and Randy Dalke insert th

March 16, 2021


Supporting Healing Through Language and Culture Renewal in the Central Canadian Arctic 

As we look to reconciliation, reclaiming and retaining our identity by passing on and learning our language and culture is at the heart of our healing. 

2021-03-08 Bessie Omilgoetok cuts cake a

March 8, 2021


Heritage society marks 25 years with campaigns to preserve Inuinnaqtun 

‘We are waking up our souls, longing to speak the language,’ says Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq’s director

Group at Kuukyuak.jpg

February 16, 2021


Kitikmeot Heritage Society fast approaching 25th anniversary

The society was incorporated on Mar. 6, 1996, and there is much to celebrate and to look
back upon from the past quarter-century.

2021-01-16 Sun returns to some Nunavut c

January 16, 2021

CTV News

Sun returns to some Nunavut communities for first time in weeks

A sliver of orange rose over Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, earlier this week, tinting the sky pink and the snow a purple hue.

Margaret at Beaver Rock.jpg

October 3, 2020


Meet Cambridge Bay coffee company Kaapittiaq's first full-time employee

Margaret Qutiaquq Oliver is learning the coffee production process in Barrie, Ont. 

2020-09-21 - Danish museum removes outda

September 21, 2020


Danish national museum removes outdated term from Arctic exhibits

Will be replaced by 'Inuit' and 'Inuk" or more specific regional names

Kaapittiaq Logo.png

June 11, 2020


Western Nunavut’s Kaapittiaq coffee venture launches online storefront

No matter where you live in North America, now you can enjoy a cup of Kaapittiaq—good coffee in Inuinnaqtun.

2020-09-08 Kitikmeot heritage coffee sal

June 8, 2020


Kitikmeot heritage coffee sales brewing online

Coffee sales have commenced online for Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq, the Kitikmeot Heritage Society, based in Cambridge Bay.

2020-01-20 - LAC designates 350k to inui

January 20, 2020


Library and Archives Canada Designates More Than $350,000 in Funding for Inuit Arts Organizations

Library and Archives Canada has announced the recipients of grant money through the Listen, Hear Our Voices Initiative


December 11, 2019


Inuinnaqtun mentorship program to be introduced

Some of the shrinking number of Inuinnaqtun speakers in the Kitikmeot are being recruited to act as mentors to apprentices who want to learn the Inuit language.

2019-12-03 Nunavut's reel to reel puts y

December 3, 2019


Nunavut's Reel to Reel program puts youth in touch with Elders

The project aims to strengthen intergenerational connections by having youth make short films about elders’ lives. 

2019-11-11 Cambridge Bay grandmothers ar

November 11, 2019


How one Nunavut community's elders connect youth with Inuit culture

Colonialism has left some young Inuit in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut, struggling to connect with their culture. But a group of grandmothers is fighting to change that.

2019-10-25 300 year old qulliq returns.j

October 25, 2019


300-year-old qulliq returns to western Nunavut 

The qulliq was used at the opening the Canadian High Arctic Research Station and is now on display at the May Hakongak Cultural Centre and Library in Cambridge Bay. 

2019-10-03 Exhibit reunites Inuit with 1

October 3, 2019


Exhibit reunites Inuit with 100-year-old artifacts in Cambridge Bay

'They just were so creative and ingenious ... it's so beautiful,' says Kitikmeot Heritage Society director

2019-10-01 Article Inuit take the lead .

October 1, 2019


Inuit take the lead in Inuit Studies conference

Inuit are now leading our own research and are able to present our own findings

2019-09-19 Exhibition on Inuinnait parka

September 19, 2019


Exhibition on Inuinnait parkas launches in Nunavut

Patterns of Change is now available online as a virtual exhibition

2019-06-06 Canada Goose fabric giveaway.

June 6, 2019


Canada goose fabric given away in Cambridge Bay

More than 100 eager sewers showed up at Kiilinik Ilihakvik School for a Canada goose fabric giveaway in Cambridge Bay 

A group of participants finish up their

April 30, 2019


Western Nunavut heritage group aims to save Inuinnaqtun

"We need to start somewhere and this is our somewhere"

2019-04-24 Nunatsiaq News erebus-artifac

April 24, 2019


Parks Canada, Nunavut heritage trust sign deal on Franklin artifacts

Agreement with ensure management of artifacts is Inuit-informed, representatives say

kaapittiaq launch.jpg

January 27, 2019


Inuit-owned coffee company open for business in Cambridge Bay

The company's name, Kaapittiaq, means 'good coffee' in Inuinnaqtun

2019-01-06 - CBC News parkas exhibit.jpg

January 6, 2019


Cambridge Bay exhibit to showcase the evolution of parkas

5 Inuinnait parkas from pre-contact to present will be on display in the Kitikmeot Heritage Society museum


November 22, 2018


Arctic Inspiration Prize announces shortlist for up to $3M in awards

Expansion of Pond Inlet pre-school, Inuinnaqtun revitalization project up for $1M prize


November 15, 2018


Meet Nunavut's first Inuit-owned coffee company: Kaapittiaq

The world's first Inuit-owned coffee produced specifically for a northern market

2018-08-05 Project to preserve tradition

August 5, 2018


Project to preserve traditional knowledge sparks memories at Bathurst Inlet

'It was so beautiful to see them remembering' says head of Kitikmeot Heritage Society

2019-09-17 Two indigenous communities fr

September 28, 2017


Two indigenous communities from different hemispheres have teamed up

An Inuit-run coffee company has teamed up with Indigenous farmers in Peru to support the preservation of indigenous culture in two opposites spheres of the world

2017-06-20 Tell their own stories.jpg

June 20, 2017


Telling their own stories: new gallery reveals the land, people of the Arctic

A new gallery at the Museum of Nature opening Wednesday marks Canada’s 150th birthday by documenting the region that makes up four-tenths of it but too few of us will venture to visit

2017-04-04 Kitikmeot Inuit history to go

April 4, 2017


'We're trying to make it look like us': Kitikmeot Inuit history to go on display at Arctic research station

3 wall hangings show life before trading, during the 1950s, and in Cambridge Bay today

2017-04-03 Arctic Gallery at Canadian Mu

April 3, 2017


Arctic Gallery at Canadian Museum of Nature prepares for June opening

New permanent gallery will include a space for exhibitions by Northern communities

2016-06-26 ScienceNordic Article.jpg

May 26, 2016


Inuit reclaim cultural heritage in new digital atlas

GREENLAND: The legendary fifth expedition of Thule by the Polar explorer, Knud Rasmussen, is now digitised in an interactive online atlas

2016-05-19 - CHARS article.JPG

May 19, 2016


Nunavut historical society to produce CHARS research guide

"Local people have much to teach incoming researchers" at the Canadian High Arctic Research Station 


April 25, 2016


Nunavut Inuit culture featured in line Rasmussen atlas

Denmark, Ottawa, Nunavut collaborate on huge cultural database

2016-05-23 New online atlas connects Inu

April 23, 2016


New online atlas connects Inuit with lost history of Knud Rasmussen expedition

Provides wider access to data and photos collected in the 1920s

2016-04-14 Edmonton visit.jpg

April 14, 2016


Western Nunavut elders heal old wounds during Edmonton visit

Ninety-eight Inuit never returned from Charles Camsell Hospital

2016-04-28 CHARS inuit art article.JPG

April 28, 2016

Canadian High Arctic Research Station seeks art designs

Proposals should reflect "ingenuity of Inuit culture"

2016-02-28 Historical Traditions article

February 28, 2016

Historical Traditions: Reviving Amulet Use in the Central Arctic

An article written for Above & Beyond | Canada's Arctic Journal, by Brendan Griebel. See pages 37 - 39. 

2016-04-12 NFB Blog.jpg

April 12, 2016

Inuit Culture, Living History

Featured in the National Film Board’s (NFB) Blog, we contributed to the organization’s educational curriculum titled Unikkausivut: Sharing Our Stories collection 

2016-01-16 We Live in the Arctic video.p

January 21, 2016

We Live in the Arctic, 1947

Aa silent film by Harmon “Bud” Helmericks and Constance Helmericks, circa 1947. In 2015, the original 16mm film was preserved by the Alaska Film Archives

2015-10-25 Diamond Jenness article wide.

October 25, 2015

Diamond Jenness Artifact collection

An article written for Above and Beyond | Canada's Arctic Journal by Brendan Griebel. See pages 31-35.

2015-10-22 Nunatsiaq article.JPG

October 22, 2015

Building for the future" Nunavut Heritage Society looks back for answers

New project to focus on Inuit architectural wisdom

2015-08-18 Kayak returned.png

August 18, 2015

Copper Inuit kayak removed safely from Edmonton basement

A traditional Inuit kayak that spent the last 50 years in an Edmonton basement is on its way back to Nunavut

2015-08-17 Kayak returned.jpg

August 17, 2015

Mystery kayak in Edmonton basement for decades returning home to Nunavut

Since the late 1960s, a caribou skin "mystery" kayak has resided in a house on Wellington Crescent across the street from the Royal Alberta Museum

Canada Over the Edge.jpg


Canada Over the Edge: S4 E5 Western Nunavut

The western Nunavut region is one of the most seldom-seen landscapes on Earth

2015 - Perry River article photo.png

September 14, 2015

Healing journey for elders on the land

Emotional time spent early outposts in Queen Maud Gulf

KHS photosphere brief.jpg

August 30, 2015

Heritage in 360 Degrees

An innovative heritage project to investigate the potential that 360 degree photography has for recording and communicating Inuit place-based knowledge


April 1, 2014


Learning to live from the land improves food security in Nunavut

Our 2013 summer land camp was featured in the Evergreen Foundation's blog

2012-04-21 British Museum trip.jpg

April 21, 2012


Northern elders view artifacts at British Museum

A trip by Inuinnait from Ulukhaktok and Cambridge Bay is part of literacy project

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