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In Inuinnaqtun, Kivgaqtuiniq means 'serving one another'. 


When we think of the Kivgaqtuiniq Circle and the community of supporters it represents, we are reminded of being in an iglu looking up. From this inside vantage, you see the spiral of interlocking blocks of snow in place, each one contributing to building up the structure as a whole. From within our organization, we look at this community rallying around us, working as parts of a whole, connected and united through the shared goal to serve our mission.

We are grateful. 


Quanaqpiaqquhi Ikajuqatitgiikkavit / Thank you all very much for your support.  


On behalf of the Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society and countless Inuinnait generations to come, we would like to recognize and celebrate the members of the Kivgaqtuiniq Circle, a diverse group of people, organizations, businesses and agencies dedicated to making our work possible:


Abigail LaChapelle


Amanda Buckiewicz


Bálint Nagy

Barb Moffat

Bill Gibbons

Bjaerni Henderson

Brooke Benson

Buffy Childerhose

Catherine Cool


Deron Engbers

Dianne Lister

Danielle Wendehorst

Ellie Clin

Eugene Peng

Emma Reid

Hana Semerad

Hélène De Celles

Janet Polivy

Janet Power

Jara Chotenovsky

Jetske Wessel

John Dale

John Hinkley

Julia Adams

Karen McFarlane

Kathy Hearn MacKinnon

Kevin King

KIA logo.png

Lee Ann Wiseman



Lindsay & Evelyn Earle

In Memory Of

Lionel Frigault


In Memory Of

Margaret Padloo Qutiaquq Oliver

Margaret Young

Mark Vonesch

Mary Sanborn-Barrie

Matthew Ravenscroft

Michelle Keilhauer

Mindy Willett

Mirna Cheryl Garabet

GN logo and Slogan.png
NTI logo.png

Natalie Carter

Patricia Marchant

Paul Richardson

Peter Campbell


In Honour Of

Dr. Ronald Melzack

Ryan Mizzen

Sean Pond

Sophie Bertrand

Susan Baum

Tina Price

Tracey Laughlin

Valerie Côté

Victoria Ruthven

Ya Xiang Huang

We would also like to send our gratitude to many individuals who are part of the Circle, but wish to remain anonymous. 

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