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Five years ago, when we drafted our 2018-2024 Strategic Plan, we added Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq to our organizational name, which means learning through culture. Since 2018, we have demonstrated our commitment to linguistic and cultural revitalization in Cambridge Bay and across the Inuinnaqtun-speaking communities. We exceeded the goals we set out for ourselves, built new relationships, strengthened our team, and approached Inuinnaqtun revitalization from multiple angles, setting a strong course for continuity through 2024-2029. 

This half decade will be crucial for our refocused efforts. The current generation of Elders is the last to have been raised to adulthood out on the land. The critical need to learn from these remaining experts has grown to such an extent that we have aligned the rest of our work behind one single strategic priority: Inuinnaqtun Immersion. 


Read our full 2024-2029 Strategic Plan here.  

2024-2029 Strategic Plan Coverpage.jpg


Working as one to revitalize intergenerational language and cultural transmission by developing programming and resources immersed in Inuinnait values, beliefs, direction, and ways of knowing and being.


Our future generations are nurtured and mentored to think and respond in their language, to be secure in their identity, and to live a balanced life according to the wisdom of our ancestors.

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