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TOP 10

Since 1999, we have partnered with Dr. Max Friesen at the University of Toronto to pursue combined archaeological and traditional knowledge research. This work allowed us to learn more about very ancient history in the Kitikmeot, and to provide opportunities for Inuinnait youth to engage with heritage on the land. Along the way, we made some amazing discoveries about the history of both Inuit and the mysterious people who lived in Nunavut before them, the Tuniit.


Here are our top 10! They are arranged along a 5,000 year timeline from most recent at the top, to most ancient at the bottom. Click through each bubble to learn more.

2000 AD

Inuinnait History in Bathurst Inlet

The Largest Caribou Hunting Drive
Ever Mapped in Nunavut

An Inuinnait Stone House From the 1700s

The First Inuinnait in Cambridge Bay

1000 AD

Tiny Tuniit Carvings of Animals

The Largest Tuniit Gathering Camp in Nunavut


Solving the Mystery of Small Harpoons

Ancient DNA Proves That Inuit
and Earlier Tuniit People
are Related

1000 BC

The Earliest Art in Kitikmeot

2000 BC

3000 BC

5000 Year Old Traces of the Most Ancient People in Nunavut