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Inuinnait clothing is a tool of survival and artistic expression. It is made from the skins of the animals that we hunt. While other cultures’ fabrics and fashions have influenced our outfits over time, many of us still prefer home-sewn atigiit (parkas), pualut (mitts) and kamiit (boots).

Clothing and appearance have always been an important marker of Inuinnait identity. Amulets are sewn into clothing to ensure that children grow into successful adults. Life stages of each gender are marked in the cut of a parka and the ink of tattoos. These visible differences extend back to a time when the well-being of family groups relied on the balance of male and female roles.


Inuinnait clothing provides us with a touchstone to the past from which many new directions are possible.

Inuinnait Clothing - Margaret Ogina
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