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Angulalik traded with distant groups of Inuit including the Hanningajurmiut of the Garry Lake area and the Illuilirmiut of the Adelaide Peninsula. As these groups had the choice of trading at Perry River, or with the HBC at Gjoa Haven, Angulalik set up an outpost to trade with these people on a point to the southwest of the entrance to Sherman Inlet. The point is called Atanikittuq [“little connection”] in Inuktitut as it would be an island if not for a very narrow connection of land to the mainland. The post is commonly referred to as the Sherman Inlet post. Angulalik’s adopted son George Oakoak ran the post on behalf of Angulalik for its entire existence between 1948 and 1955. A year before the post closed the catholic priest Father Henry (Kajualuk) built a small mission at Atanikittuq that he named Sainte Croix.




Sherman Inlet post. [Inuk with frozen wolf on shoulders in front of buildings].  (Northwest Territories Archives / N-1986-002: 0159)

Angulalik, with his first wife Kuptana who is holding
Jimmy Nakoyak and the boy on the right is George Oakoak. (Northwest Territories Archives / N-1987-033: 1204)

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