The Kitikmeot Heritage Society is a volunteer-run, charitable organization with an elected board of directors and executive from the community of Cambridge Bay. Board membership consists primarily of elders from the community. While our heritage centre and the majority of our programming is located in Cambridge Bay, we remain dedicated to preserving and promoting culture, language and history across the Kitikmeot Region of Nunavut.


Quana to Our Library Supporters

The May Hakongak Community Library and Cultural centre gets so much support from local community members and folks across Canada. Recently we put a call out for used books & DVDs and the response was just overwhelming. Every item must be catalogued before it is added to the collection, so the KHS librarians will be pretty busy for the next little while thanks to your support! more

A lot of donations came from the Cambridge Bay community. Heather Omiligoitok donated 85 books, Athlyne Etienne donated 48 books, Susie Fletcher donated 26 books, Svetlana Erickson donated 13 books, and Willie Lyall donated 204 DVDs! Quana so much everyone.

We were also honoured to receive a donation of Braille books from Jen Golden at the CNIB in Ottawa. Two of our library regulars, Ashley and Anthony, who are blind were happy to have new books to read. Earlier this year, Jane George, who donated a 500 books to our northern collection in 2011 visited the KHS this year to show us some of her favourite books. Quana Jen and Jane.

So, if you think you’ve already read all the books or seen all the DVDs in our collection, be on the lookout for some new ones.

Ashley and Anthony enjoying new books from the CNIB

Leggie with Donated DVDs less

Visiting Researcher Krista Zawadski

Krista Zawadski (right) of Chesterfield Inlet & Rankin Inlet was at the Kitikmeot Heritage Society for the past week conducting her Masters research in Anthropology about the variety of heritage centres and museums across Nunavut. The KHS Elders in Residence, staff and community welcomed Krista to Cambridge Bay, and have been delighted to know that an Inuk is pursuing this type of research. more

Krista presented gifts to the KHS staff and Elders in Residence to express her gratitude and we gave Krista a pair of slippers for her little one that is on the way. Congratulations Krista, keep up with your endeavours and best wishes throughout the rest of your education, you make us proud!

Krista Zawadski with KHS Staff and Elders in Residence less

Opening the Inuinnauyugut Exhibit

This week we are proud to announce the opening of the Inuinnauyugut exhibit at the May Hakongak Community Library and Cultural Centre thanks to the support of the Department of Canadian Heritage Museum Assistance Program. Featuring the history of the Inuinnait, the people of the Kitikmeot region, this exhibit celebrates the return of many Inuit belongings to the region. more

One of the most exciting objects that has returned is a parka sewn by May Hakongak, for whom the Community Library and Cultural Centre was named. The brown caribou parka with a sunburst hood was sold in the Cambridge Bay Co-Op store and then donated to the Museum of Anthropology in Vancouver. The parka’s owner later requested that it be transferred to the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre in Yellowknife, NWT so that it could be closer to home. Finally, after negotiations between the Kitikmeot Heritage Society and the Prince of Wales Northern Heritage Centre the parka sewn by May Hakongak is back in her home town of Cambridge Bay where her children and grandchildren can stop in and admire her beautiful work. less