The May Hakongak Community Library and Cultural Centre was opened in May 2002 in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. Honouring the legacy of local cultural advocate May Hakongak, the centre is a model of integrated learning that supports a public library, cultural program space, museum, art gallery and regional archives. The first of its kind in the Canadian Arctic, the centre aims to bridge traditional and modern forms of Inuinnait knowledge through museum exhibits, Elder-run workshops and after-school programs.


Our facility provides Cambridge Bay residents with after-school reading programs, sewing and traditional tool making workshops, and a viewing theatre community-based documentary films.  A resident team of Elders works on site at the centre on a daily basis to help youth and community members develop traditional skills and language, and to oversee cultural program development and delivery.

The front portion of the May Hakongak Centre is dedicated to library and afterschool program services.

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