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Invest in the future of Inuinnait. Support ongoing programming that creates and sustains language carriers and knowledge holders across our communities. 

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The Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society was founded in 1996 to address the lack of cultural resources available to Inuit.  We continue to prioritize the creation of accessible projects and publications directed at teaching Inuit and non-Inuit about the histories, languages and knowledge traditions of the North.  Our creation of educational resources also targets academic researchers, bringing a uniquely Inuit voice to peer-review publications, books, classrooms and conferences. 

In recent years, the PI/KHS has sought to use its extensive experience as an organization to build capacity among other culture and heritage centres in Nunavut.  We develop training seminars and hands-on workshops to assist these organizations in meeting their goals. 

Click on the below icons to access free PDF versions of resources produced by Pitquhirnikkut Ilihautiniq / Kitikmeot Heritage Society staff. Hardcopy versions for many of these learning materials are available for purchase. 

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Inuinnait Drum Dancers/ Inuinnait Qilaudjartut

This 3 volume CD set features recordings of the Inuinnait Drum Dancers in Kugluktuk, Nunavut.  An audio sample is available at this link

Community Research Guide,Cambridge Bay edition.

This resource was created in partnership with Polar Knowledge. It introduces the cultural history of the Cambridge Bay region, and describes the development of research in that area. 

The Inuinnait Art of Drum Dancing/ Inuinnait Qilaudjarnikkut

This book provides an overview of the history and cultural meaning of Inuinnait drum dancing. It is available in Inuinnaqtun and English versions. 

Stephen Angulalik

This educational booklet introduces the remarkable life of Stephen Angulalik, an Inuinnait trader and owner of a fur trade post at Kuugjuaq (Perry River).  It is written in Inuinnaqtun, English and French. 

Getting Out on the Internet

This resource is a digital literacy workshop guide. It provides the information required to deliver a series of basic computer and Internet skill workshops on themes such as Internet safety, on-line banking and shopping, and Facebook. 

Creating Culture: A Guide to Cultural Research and Program Development Workshop in Northern Communities

This resource was created to help museums and heritage centres in Nunavut learn skills such as grant writing, program development and the recording of cultural knowledge. It is designed for delivery in workshop settings.

Inukkaknailak and Other Stories/Inukkaknailak Hapkuallu Aallat Unipkaat

This is an illustrated collection of Inuinnait oral history. It features multiple stories about traditions and legends. It is in both Inuinnaqtun and English, and is designed to increase reader vocabulary.

Life at Iqaluktuuq

This English, French, and Inuinnaqtun language book explores the extensive cultural and archaeological history of the Iqaluk River area near Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. 

The Business of Philanthropy for Nunavut Heritage Organizations

We developed this resource for the Nunavut Heritage Network based on capacity building work the PI/KHS completed in 2017/2018 with the support of the Canada Cultural Investment Fund - Strategic Initiatives. The document shares what we learned about philanthropy and the role it might play in stabilizing the financial situation of our grants-based heritage organizations.  

This report is the result of an initiative to extract the Inuinnait knowledge collected by the Danish Fifth Thule Expedition researcher Knud Rasmussen during his visit to our region in the winter of 1923/24. The book contains the stories and songs that have been transcribed from the orthography used in the original publication to a modern standard Inuinnaqtun orthography.

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