Featured Videos

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society is proud to showcase videos that have been created during its programs.  These videos have, for the most part, been recorded by community members taking part in our programs and workshops. A rotating selection of videos can be seen below, and a wider variety of videos can be accessed on the Kitikmeot Heritage Society’s  youtube channel or our IsumaTV channel.

Building an Iglu

This video was compiled from cinematographer Tim Bender’s documentation of an iglu building program held by the KHS outside of Cambridge Bay in February 2012.  More information about the Igluminimnut ailirama project can be found on our featured cultural programs page.  This video was filmed during the coldest part of the year in Cambridge Bay, when temperatures at the iglu building site plummeted to -45 degrees Celsius. Having never shot video in such cold, Tim soon learned that camera batteries last only minutes under such conditions before freezing up.  By the end of the camp, he always kept a couple spare batteries tucked in his armpits under his coat to keep them warm.

Building a Qajaq to the Future

This video was edited by Cambridge Bay resident Pam Gross from interviews and film clips documented by participants of the KHS’ kayak revitalization workshop in the summer of 2009. Pam travelled to Copenhagen for the 2009 United Nations Climate Change Summit to screen this video. Her video has also screened alongside other indigenous films about climate change at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian as part of the Conversations With the Earth exhibit.