Community Documentary Film

In 2009, the Kitikmeot Heritage Society began looking to video documentary as a way to create more local involvement in the research of Inuinnait culture and history. By building digital literacy alongside awareness of local traditions and skills, it was our hope that local communities could begin to play a stronger role in shaping the ways that Inuinnait culture is understood both within and outside of Nunavut.  Our community video program was facilitated by InsightShare, a non-profit dedicated to working with indigenous groups worldwide, and the first Arctic video hub in their documentary network was created in the community of Cambridge Bay.

Our work focuses on training youth, adults and elders to use digital media to self-document our numerous cultural programs.  Participants learn to use video cameras, sound recording devices and editing software to assemble their own documentaries.  These documentaries record everything from modern life in the North, to archaeological excavations and cultural revival. Many of these videos are recorded only in Inuinnaqtun, providing valuable resources for the continuation of this oral language. All videos are stored in our archives and community theatre database, and many are uploaded to our on-line youtube and IsumaTV channels.