Learning & Teaching Philosophies

The Kitikmeot Heritage Society runs programs through an understanding that the manner in which knowledge is learned and taught is often as important as the knowledge itself. We forefront projects encouraging the Inuit worldviews of Ilippallianginnarniq (continuing learning) and Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (traditional and modern Inuit knowledge), ensuring an underlying ethos of cultural relevance in areas of local education and information accessibility. These approaches stress that knowledge is meant to be used, and should be collected in contexts that re-enforce traditional and healthy relationships between generations, family members, one’s community, and the land. We recognize that when knowledge is developed outside this framework, it is often neither meaningful nor relevant to local people. When working with researchers, the Kitikmeot Heritage Society encourages the creation of community-based projects that incorporate the knowledge and expertise of local individuals, and provide results that local people can both access and understand. We have a strong record of participating in research programs that produce sound scientific and academic knowledge in ways that benefit local people.

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