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Nunavut historical society to produce CHARS research guide
Nunatsiaq News (2016)

Photo: Gaining literacy through books and play
Nunatsiaq News (2016)

New digital atlas returns early traditional knowledge to Inuit communities
CIRA (2016)

New digital atlas helps preserve traditional Inuit knowledge
Canadian Geographic (2016)

Nunavut Inuit culture featured in online Rasmussen atlas
Nunatsiaq News (2016)

New online atlas connects Inuit with lost history of Knud Rasmussen expedition
CBC News (2016)

Inuit reclaim cultural heritage in new digital atlas
ScienceNordic (2016)

Canadian High Arctic Research Station seeks art designs
Nunatsiaq News (2016)

Western Nunavut elders heal old wounds during Edmonton visit
Nunatsiaq News (2016)

Carleton Partners with Kitikmeot Heritage Society on Atlas of the Fifth Thule Expedition
Carleton University FASS News

Industry Profile: The Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Forager Magazine (2015)

The Kitikmeot Place Name Atlas: Digitizing Inuit Knowledge and Experience of Landscape
Forager Magazine (2015)

On-line interactive Atlas of Rasmussen’s Arctic trek coming soon
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Photo: Nunavut loses respected elder from Cambridge Bay
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Photo: Doll collection goes to Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Photo: Visiting TV crew films elders in Cambridge Bay
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Building for the Future: Nunavut Heritage Society looks back for answers
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Nunavut Kayak – 1:41:30
CBC As It Happens (2015)

Mystery Kayak in Edmonton Basement for Decades Returning Home to Nunavut
Edmonton Journal (2015)

‘Mystery’ Inuit Kayak is Finally Going Home
National Post (2015)

Showcasing Cambridge Bay Culture
Above & Beyond (2015)

Ottawa Announces Funding for Elder Programs in Nunavut
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Igniting the Fire Within
Above & Beyond (2015)

Women Keep Fires Burning
News North (2015)

Photo: How to light up February, the traditional way
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Cultural Workshops Bridge Generation Gap – see page 20
Canadian Nurse (2015)

Photo: Teaching Culture in Cambridge Bay
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Western Nunavut Culture on Display In Inuinnauyugut Exhibit
Nunatsiaq News (2015)

Future of Libraries – 1:41:30
CBC Cross Country Checkup (2014)

Photo: Learning to walk the runway, in fur
Nunatsiaq News (2014)

Photo: A Gift from the Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Nunatsiaq News (2014)

CamBay language students keen on reviving Inuinnaqtun
Nunatsiaq News (2014)

Camp Provides a Tool to Strengthen Ties
News North (2014)

Summer games in western Nunavut draw competitors of all ages
Nunatsiaq News (2014)

RBC Donates to Kitikmeot Organization
News North (2014)

Learning to live from the land improves food security in Nunavut
Evergreen Foundation blog (2013)

Harper Government Invests in Kitikmeot Heritage Society
Canadian Heritage (2013)

Project Records Stories Forever
News North (2013)

CamBay Mural Commemorates Canadian Arctic Expedition’s 100th anniversary
Nunatsiaq News (2012)

Life in the Arctic Where Old and New Ways Collide
CBC News (2012)

Google se déplace chez les Inuits pour parfaire ses cartes
La Presse (2012)

Art Market an Official Exhibitor
News North (2012)

Young Women Learn to Live and Lead in CamBay’s Life Management Program
Nunatsiaq News (2011)

For Elders Who Can’t Speak English, Cambridge Bay’s a Lonely Place
Nunatsiaq News (2011)

Kitikmeot collection gets southern tips
News North (2010)

You Want Culture? It’s all at the CamBay Library
Nunatsiaq News (2010)

Snapshots of History
News North (2009)

Teaching Tradition
News North (2009)

Handle with care: High School shop students sell stained glass at heritage society
Nunatsiaq News (2003)

CamBay Seeks Museum to House Treasure-Trove of Artifacts
Nunatsiaq News (1999)